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We live in a largely fake world.  Perhaps more than ever what we are looking at or hearing may or may not be real. We are surrounded my computer generated sounds and images, chemical and artificial products.  People frequently manipulate images and words. In a social media society what people present as their reality often lacks the basic element of being real.

As we dash through our daily lives, how much time do we have to even question reality? Our own or anyone else’s reality just goes unexamined.

The danger of course is that the truth can be expensive. As the ancient philosopher Sorcrates claimed: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  His commitment to his truth cost him his life which is really disappointing when one considers the genius he offered. So we can see what he meant by that phrase then but what does that mean now?  How important is being “real” to you? In relationships sometimes when we look at what’s real, the relationship will have to end. Sometimes when we look at what’s real about a job, we have to move on. Sometimes when we look at what’s real about our lives we have to change and grow. Reality can be overrated.

We live fast. In our social media, drive thru, multitask, sleep deprived, anxiety inducing Western World we often get rushed through the major parts of our day.  It is so easy to misread a moment. It’s also easy to forget to look at the choices in front of us.  People are so concerned with what other people think they often forget to think for themselves.  We often forget to exam our own reason for living.

So, that’s why I wrote this. Are you brave enough to get real about what you are living for today? Do you have the courage and clarity to exam your life?

It’s amazing how many people are sleeping through their lives. They are in a lulled state of day walking and go through the motions of being alive, but they are not really living. Many people are merely surviving.  They do what they have to do to get by and that’s about it. It’s so easy to just wake up, shuffle through the day, eat whatever you have the time and money to get, consume, observe, feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed, go to bed and then get up the next day and do it all again. And again. And again.  When we start to really forget why we were doing that routine in the first place. 

Why are you living your life this way?

There’s a wonderful story about a man who was very powerful and he was invading another neighboring castle. When he got there he fired his first shots. A soldier looked down over the wall and said to his approaching enemy “Who are you?”

The invader stopped his advancement and said to the soldier, I will pay you to come to my house every day and ask me that question.

So, who are you?

Getting real about who you are is a powerful moment.  For example, taking ownership of all of our being and choices can be hard.  I struggle as many people do with their weight. I would LOVE to tell you that is in my past. I would LOVE to tell you I am totally happy with myself and everything about my appearance – but that would be a LIE.  I have overcome an injury and abruptly had to stop training for triathlons and half marathons. Six months later and I am far too “squishy” for my own liking.  Now, I could use my injury to my spinal cord as an excuse because I was told my doctors to stop BUT they did not at any time encourage me to eat the same way as someone burning thousands of calories a week. 

Owning this allows me to make better food choices today.  I also discovered from an orthopedic doctor that I have arthritis so there are foods that actually give my arthritis inflammation and make me feel worse. Now that I really know what is going on with me I can eat the foods that help me or I can not.  What really helps me is REAL food. Processed food creates inflammation in the body – not just for me but for most people.

A heavy drinker or drug user can claim that their addictive behavior makes their life better and have many excused for the behaviors but the bottom line is that type of lifestyle is doomed. Not just for them but for anyone in relationship with them. So if they are brave enough to get REAL then they will have to make new choices.  Addiction is hard, recovery is hard. It’s all about the kind of hard you are willing to tackle.

Do you know people who are fake?  They are not authentic. They act one way then another. You don’t know what to expect from them because they aren’t always genuine.  What good are people like that to you? Are you real? Or do you pretend to be one way and you are really another.

Pretending is painful.

There is tremendous power in owning all of your stuff. There is freedom in admitting you need help to do something different.  There is compassion in realizing you are not alone. We all have our crosses to bare – some are just heavier than others. None of us every really know what another person is dealing with in their life. Some people I promise have it much easier than you and some people have it much much harder than you. Getting real is not a contest. It’s not a reality show.

Getting real and staying real takes calm, quiet and gentle reflection daily. It’s time to tell that chatty inner critique to shut the hell up.  It’s time to put down the things that hurt you in the long run. It’s time to distance yourself from the fake world.

The answer to all this is to embrace the Natural world.  The real world. The world inside and outside you that is beautifully authentic and genuine. 

Author and spiritual teacher Michael Singer, who I deeply admire said “Stop being stupid. Use your mind to do great things. Use your consciousness to look at the reality in front of you. It’s right there.”  He kept waving his arms frantically in front of him as he said this. “It’s right there.”

I have been blind to the obvious and there is probably something obvious I am missing right now. I have to sometimes reign myself in like a hyped up toddler on sugary cereal to put the spoon down. Pause. Master the pause. Welcome the silence and just be.

The journey to real is a constant one in a fake world fueled to lure you in at every turn. What is magical though is that once you do the work to commit to being real, an entire new world of truth, light and beauty will emerge in front of you.

Get real because it’s the only way to get free.  Or keep being a slave to the Under-lord of what’s fake. He’s a cruel master unworthy of you.


Posted by Nadia Ramoutar Tuesday, June 7, 2016 10:23:00 PM

Patterns in Energy 

Why things “matter”


Life is full of patterns. 

When we slow down and look at nature we realize how superbly organized she is into patterns. Sunrise and sunset.  Tides.  Weather. The seasons are patterns though they vary all over the world. It is summer somewhere when it is winter in another place.  The pattern of seed, egg, birth or hatch, then mature, develop, decay and death exist in all aspects of lives from fruits to animals.  We can look at a leaf and see a pattern that exists in other aspects of nature, art or architecture. Much research provides evidence that patterns offer mathematical formulas like fractals that get produced over and over and over again.


Your life is full of patterns.

Depending on how awake you are in your life, you already know the patterns that you have in your life.  Obviously, many of us inherited patterns from our family. If our family were newspaper readers, chances are so are we. If our family were smokers, chances are so are we. If our family were raised baptists, chances are so are we. We inherit genes that give us patterns like our eye color or height but many other behaviors or habits we inherited are now our CHOICES.


Your lifestyle is your pattern.

We often get confused and feel that our lifestyle just rained on us. We think our personality molded us. We have no reason to try to do anything about it because we it’s just “Normal”. We fall in a trance in our lives and in our worlds feeling numb or powerless over the choices we make which give us a PATTERN in our life which in turn creates our reality.

Woah. You might say, I didn't chose this part of my life that’s happening to me right now. I didn’t want this thing to happen to me. Fair enough, bad things do happen. Awful things happen but we have to really calm it all down, quiet it all down and ask ourself this brutally, painful question:

“What is my role in creating this pattern?”

You won’t know the answer straight away or if you do think you know ask yourself the next most important question. 

“Is that really my role in creating this pattern?”

What is often most tragic about human patterns is that they are avoidable. Pain often is not but as is often said, suffering is optional. We can do ourselves great damage by trying to avoid pain. We can actually hurt ourselves in our efforts to avoid pain.

 The key to finding our pattern is by first dropping all our judgment of ourselves. We can’t detect patterns if doing so furthers our suffering. For example, I have noticed my pattern is that I am very broke at the end of the month.  So now what. Do nothing - Just observe the pattern. Look at it.  Say “Hey pattern, what’s going on ?”  Be with the pattern.  Then ask yourself, “Do I want to keep going with this pattern?” and here’s the million dollar question:


Maybe, yes, no.

No judgment.  Just a CHOICE.

So you say, “I’ve outgrown this overspending each month and then feeling ashamed when I’m broke.”

Magic occurs now. Without even doing anything the pattern has been disrupted. 

Viola.  That is all it takes. 

Einstein said “A problem cannot be solved at the level it was created.”

The only thing we can do with a pattern that no longer serves us is acknowledge that we are READY FOR A NEW CHOICE.  Once, we create that opening in our awareness a new pattern will emerge. Just like we clear away the dead limbs of a plant and new limbs grow. Just like new lambs are born every Spring. Just like when you take your feet out of the sand at the edge of the Ocean, the space fills back up.

When we disrupt a pattern, even in the smallest of ways the change is enormous.  The greatest lie we tell ourselves is that we are powerless. We never are even when faced with horrible huge burdens we can alter our patterns and experience tremendous  growth and even FREEDOM.


SO take the time to really know yourself. Learn to identify the patterns which really serve you and deserve your gratitude. Praise them, honor them and make more space for them. But those tired, jaded, painful patterns, allow yourself to see them for what they truly are and thank them for whatever lessons they taught you. I guarantee any pattern you have even most disgusting or pathetic was born out of a seed of need. You needed that pattern. But maybe, just maybe you don’t anymore.

LOVE yourself into your awareness. That’s all. 

Patterns.  Yours to chose and yours to disrupt. Anytime. Anywhere. As long at you are ready.  And if you fall back into your old pattern, then that’s fine. You probably will until you’re really ready.  Love yourself into readiness and set yourself free of any pattern that’s kept you a slave. 

Posted by Nadia Ramoutar Monday, November 30, 2015 12:40:00 PM
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